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manny and darcy
degrassi LIMS
Go there and become Degrassi's Last Icon Maker Standing
Round 1: Challenge 2 
12|03|06 - 02:50
P A R T I C I P A N T S;
1. tybone
2. historyavenger
3. x24hoursx
4. loverave
5. shnissugah
6. xbenji65
7. gossiped
8. gunznroses
9. lamaitresse
10. rejazzz
11. moviesurfer
12. peaceaholic
13. x__stupidgirl
14. channielove
15. addictive_lost
16. perfectisfake

Hopefully, everyone can get their icons in on time! Also, due to my busy schedule I won't be able to put up voting on time. So the challenge is extended to Sunday, December 10th @ 9pm (EST).

R U L E S :
-Make sure that you are SIGNED UP for this round.
-Your icon must be compatible with LJ. 100x100, .jpg, .gif, .png, 40kb etc.
-Icons must be FRESH. If it's pre-made, we'll find out and you'll be disqualified.
-Icons need to be kept secret until the Phase winners are announced. So no posting them in any communities. Be patient. :P
-Use the following format when submitting an icon to a challenge.

-Submit everything ON TIME.
-Comment on the entry of the Phase that you're wanting to submit to.
-If you don't submit an icon? A skip will be automatically used until all your skips are out and then you will be disqualified.

C H A L L E N G E :
Create an icon to the best of your abilities with the provided image.

Challenge ends Sunday, December 10th @9PM EST. Good luck everyone!

Entries: 6/16
(Deleted comment)
12|06|06 - 06:38 (UTC)
i wouldn't not in here. try googleling it, and i did ask my bf and he said he can't remember it was a year ago. sry I tried.
(Screened comment)
12|06|06 - 06:39 (UTC)
hehe wrong icon? its okay the link is the right icon.
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