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manny and darcy
degrassi LIMS
Go there and become Degrassi's Last Icon Maker Standing
1:3 Voting 
01|11|07 - 20:24
The following people have been eliminated:

The following people have used a skip:

The Skip Post has been updated

-Vote for your two least favorite icons. Be descriptive. Tell us why you don't like them in a constructive manner.
-Vote for your your most favorite icon. No need for explaining yourself
-The icon with the most least favorite votes is out. Depending on how many people or in the round, it could be multiple icons. Depends on the votes.
-The icon with the most favorite votes gets immunity next round. Meaning they cannot be eliminated next round. Yes. So try to do your best.
-If you have immunity and you submit your icon late, you lose your immunity! Be on time. Set a good example.

Example Format: (just copy and paste)
This time only vote for your fav. and give a reason

001 002 003
(Screened comment)
12|20|06 - 16:51 (UTC)
please follow the voting format on the post. you only need to vote for your fav. and give a reason.
(Screened comment)
12|21|06 - 01:37 (UTC)
i should add it in. thx, kind of forgotten about that.

oh and you forgot to put a reason why its your fav.
(Screened comment)
12|22|06 - 02:19 (UTC)
you forgot to include a reason
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