1:1 Voting

Its really unfortunate that only 7 out of 16 people submitted an icon. I was thinking about extending this challenge but that wouldn't be fair to those that took the time and effort to submit an icon on time. So I have decided to award the 7 people that got an icon in, an extra skip! And to the one that gets voted out won't be eliminated but instead will just use a skip. This is just a one time thing. People will start to be eliminated next week. The show must go on so onto voting!

The following have used a skip:
1. addictive_lost (0 skips)
2. historyavenger (0 skips)
3. channielove (0 skips)
4. loverave (0 skips)
5. peaceaholic (0 skips)
6. xbenji65 (0 skips)
7. gossiped (0 skips)
8. gunznroses (0 skips)
9. rejazzz (0 skips)

You all have no skips left. Meaning that you will be disqualified next time if you don't hand in an icon. The Skip Post has been updated.

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Round 1: Challenge 1

P a r t i c i p a n t s ;
1. tybone
2. historyavenger
3. x24hoursx
4. loverave
5. shnissugah
6. xbenji65
7. gossiped
8. gunznroses
9. lamaitresse
10. rejazzz
11. moviesurfer
12. peaceaholic
13. x__stupidgirl
14. channielove
15. addictive_lost
16. perfectisfake

You can still be on this list if you sign up before Wed. Nov. 29th! Sign up here!

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Challenge ends Wednesday, November 29th @9PM EST. Good luck everyone!

Entries: 6/15

Round 1 Skips

Each participant gets a skip once they sign up, but you can earn another by promoting the community anywhere apart from your userinfo. (2 skips max. per person)

If you have promoted the community somewhere to earn your extra skip, comment here as well with a direct link.

Also, if you didn't turn in an icon for a challenge, a skip will be automatically used. You will be disqualified when there aren't any skips left and you haven't submitted your icon.

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